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How to get to the Aqua Park ?

We are located in El Gouna inside Sliders Cable Park, 6 min from Marina Abu Tig / Down Town, between Water Side and Sabina Area.

It's a 5 min drive by Tuk Tuk from most of El Gouna hotels and 15-30 min from most of Hurghada hotels. 

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How much is the entry ticket ?

Please check our prices section

Do I have to book in advance ?

No need, you will get your ticket and bracelet at our reception 30 min before the session starts. The session starts at every full hour, 9-10, 10-11...

Is there minimum age to go on the Aqua Park ?

Minimum age is 6 years old and minimum 110 cm height
Children aged 6-12 must be accompanied by parent/familiar adult.
Children aged 13-18 must have written permission from the parent.

What time is the Aqua Park open ?

We run a session every one hour from 9 am until 6 pm in summer, 9 am until 5 pm in winter, everyday all year round.

How long before my session start time should I arrive?

It’s best if you arrive at least 30 min before. You will need time to get tickets, get changed, walk from reception to Aqua Park and listen to a safety briefing.

How long is the Aqua Park session ?

5 min safety briefing, 5 min getting on/off the Aqua Park, 50 min fun time on the water

Are there any health requirements ?

Yes, you need to be fit enough to swim and pull yourself up on the Floating Aqua Park.

Is the Aqua Park session safe ?

There are 3 lifeguards on the Aqua Park and on the land constantly watching and making sure that you are safe while having super fun time

Do I need to be able to swim to go on the Aqua Park?

Yes you need swimming skills to get to and off Aqua Park.

Do you provide life jacket and wetsuit ?

Yes wearing life jacket is mandatory, it’s included in the ticket and you will receive it from the rental located on the right of the Aqua Park. The wetsuit is optional and you can rent it.

Is there a consent form, terms of use ?

No smoking near Aqua Park, no alkohol, no drugs, you will sign the waiver, read and accept Aqua Park terms of use at the reception.

What should I bring with me ?

Swimwear and towel. If you forget towel, you can hire one for 50 le in the park, but they might run out quickly on a busy day.

I wear watch, ring, jewellery and glasses, Can I wear these on the Aqua Park ?

No, it’s not permitted to wear any of these as your safety is our main priority. You can wear contact lenses or prescription goggles as an alternative. We have private lockers for all your belongings, please ask for the key at the reception.

Are there changing rooms and lockers ?

Yes we have changing rooms, private lockers, bathrooms and showers.

If I book 2 hour session, can I have a break between the sessions ?

Yes, you can enjoy 2 sessions during this day and it does not have to be in a row.

Can I rent the Aqua Park exclusively for my group ?

Yes, please let us know by email which day, time and how many guests. Our email:

I would like to sit and watch my group / family playing ? Are there any sunbeds / seating area ?

Yes, you can enjoy our sunbeds with umbrellas and benches on the beach in front of the Aqua Park or relax in the pool with a great view overlooking lagoon and Aqua Park.

Are there drinks and food available in the park ?

Yes we serve delicious meals and drinks in our restaurant.

What other activities are available in the park ?

World class Sliders Cable Park where you can enjoy Wakeboarding, Water Ski and Knee boarding. We have great and friendly instructors who can teach you how to wakeboard in very short time. Please check to learn more.  Occasionally, we run pool parties in our Golden Shell Pool Club and we serve delicious food daily.

Sliders Aqua Park El Gouna


Sliders Aqua Park El Gouna
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